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My father died of stress,
Watching pink fluid drain
From his beloved;
White flesh wither
On her bones

When his heart burst
He struggled up
And found the bed
Where they would find him..

As always
He was first ready,
Waiting outside for her,
With the engine running.

Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill

Brendán Ua Conaill (Bren) and his wife Dorothy (Dor)

1911-1983. Together in death as in life.

The photo is a "selfie" by Bren

In my first inspiration for this poem, I wrote:"My father died of a broken heart". I discarded it because it seemed a cliché and an exaggeration. The poem Bren was a finalist in the Allingham poetry competition. At the awards ceremony, the adjudicator, Frank Galligan, said to me: "Your father died of a broken heart".

Bren was published in Force 10 in 1990.

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