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Dolly Mixtures

(Voices from Dolly's Cottage)

An Anthology of Prose and Poetry from Writers' Ink Creative Writing Workshop To purchase a copy please contact us.
Price is €13 (including post & packaging).

This book is a celebration of a great writing experience that has been happening in Dolly's Cottage, Strandhill, over the last four years. As facilitator of Writers' Ink creative writing workshops, it has been my privilege to work with a very talented group of writers. They come from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe (as you'll hear by the accents) and they travel from as far away as Cavan and Donegal to attend the weekly workshops.

When we duck our heads to enter the low door of Dolly's Cottage, we step back in time and we enter sacred space. The fire is crackling in the hearth, the plates are gleaming on the dresser, ancient fossils are embedded in the flagstone floor. There is no ceiling above us, only the thatch and a little St. Brigid's cross that nestles there, crafted by the original roof-maker, to protect the cottage from fire. St. Brigid is there, in her magic cloak, St Patrick is banishing snakes. Here, we put away our everyday lives and become, simply, writers. It is in this atmosphere that many of these poems and stories were evoked and shared.

It was the excellence of the work being produced that created the demand for this book and made it possible. The standard and volume of submissions for the anthology reinforced my belief that this writing deserves and needs to be shared with a wider audience. This book has been written by thirty-six people. Some of them have never been published before.
(Dolly Mixtures is edited by Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill and published by Writers' Ink)

Click the links below to hear the tracks.

Dolly Mixtures CD1:

01. Lost Ships from the Armada - T.N. Treanor (04:46)
02. Landscape - Paula Gilvarry (00:30)
03. Granny Glitter* - Carol Jane Wilson (08:28)
04. Empty Space - Paddy Donoghue (01:23)
05. The Booby Prize - Maeve McCormack (03:51)
06. Sofa - Mary C.H. (01:27)
07. The Moon Weaver and the Beetle* - Peigín Doyle (07:25)
08. Cowboys and Indians - Dermot Lahiff (00:43)
09. Ash - Mel Howes (01:54)
10. Mistress in a Bottle - Pauline Howard (01:04)
11. Joe McDonald had a Farm* - Kevin McGloin (07:04)
12. Imagine - Mitzie O'Reilly (00:37)
13. The Saturday Night Calf - Maura Gilligan (02:32)
14. Release - Anne T. O'Connell (01:01)
15. Grass* - Andrew Wilson (04:31)
16. Are You the One?* - Clare Lynch (07:33)
17. Overheard - Seán Denyer (01:25)
18. The Big Freeze - Julia Stygall (05:48)
19. Oyster Gift - Paula Daly (00:45)
20. Ouma Foo* - Michael Clement (03:08)
21. Your Hands - Maura Gilligan (01:08)

Dolly Mixtures CD2:

01. Vaporetto - Mary Gallagher (00:26)
02. Her Father's Ghost* - Mary Molloy (05:27)
03. Transience - Paddy Donoghue (00:54)
04. A Great Team - Paula Daly (03:32)
05. Sweet Six-tina - Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill (02:16)
06. The Confrontation* - Eileen Sheridan (06:04)
07. My FatherLoved Pigeons - Michael Clement (00:52)
08. Do You Know What I'm Saying?* - John Cullen (04:57)
09. Uncommon Sense - Bayveen O'Connell (00:47)
10. The Rough Shore* - Kevin Boyle (05:21)
11. The Sea - Mary Kane (01:16)
12. The Carpeteers* - Karen O'Shea (05:08)
13. Purge - Mary C.H. (00:41)
14. A Native American in London* - Phil Coffaro (05:51)
15. Happy Poem - Mitzie O'Reilly (00:27)
16. Threshold* - Tom Mullery (03:18)
17. Loss - Mary Kane (01:11)
18. The Mask* - Maura O'Rourke (07:45)
19. Bedtime - Anne T. O'Connell (00:11)
20. The Lake in the Bog* - Martin Gormally (06:47)
21. Francis & Me* - Julia Marafie (03:24)
22. World Travel - Dermot Lahiff (00:23)
* = These pieces have been shortened to fit on the CD. The complete versions are contained in the accompanying book.

Recorded in Dolly's Cottage by Andrew Wilson. Sound editing: Andrew Wilson, Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill and Shay Leon. Disk reproduction: Shay's Studio, Loughrea, Co. Galway. © Copyright remains the property of the individual writers.

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