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Writers' Ink uses the Amherst Writers & Artists Method:

Writers' Ink uses the AWA method, developed by Pat Schneider in her workshops in the US.

Exercises are used to stimulate writing and to help overcome creative blocks. Writers are invited to read what they've written and the other workshop members respond with what moves them or what is strong in the writing. Newborn material is treated with great gentleness and not criticised - the object at this early stage is to reinforce the writers' strengths and give them encouragement to find and use their own writing voice.

All writing is treated as fiction. There is no probing into the truth or the background of any written piece. This liberates writers to freely explore any areas of truth or fiction, in the knowledge that they are safe within the group.

At a later stage, writers may bring in their developed stories or poems to be critiqued by the workshop. These sessions tend to be rigorous; criticism is always constructive and there is never consensus of opinion. The individual writers are always the final arbiters of what should, or should not, be changed in their own work.

Writers' Ink with Pat Members of Writers' Ink with Pat Schneider. Back L to R: Andrew Wilson, Clare Lynch, Julia Marafie, Peigín Doyle, Paula Daly, Maura O'Rourke, Mary Molloy, Mary Kenny. Front: Karen O'Shea, Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill and Pat Schneider.

For further details of AWA, check out: amherstwriters.com.

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