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Strandhill Summerfest July 3-5 2015   




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3rd July - 5th July 2015


Strandhill Summerfest is a weekend writing retreat that celebrates writers and writing. It nurtures new work in a gentle, safe and supportive environment. Suitable for writers of all ages, beginners or established, writing in any genre.


Órfhlaith Ní Chonaill, Ted & Annie Deppe & Joe Kearney

Discover The Genius in You

Summerfest, Orfhlaith Summerfest, Joe
With Orfhlaith in the Garden At the forum with Joe

Friday July 3rd 2015:

6.00pm—7.00pm: Registration

7.00pm—9.00pm: Workshops

Saturday July 5th 2015:

9.30am—1.30pm: Workshops

2.00pm—3.00pm: Lunch

3.00pm—5.00pm: Inspirational Walk

5.00pm—6.30pm: One-to-one mentoring—get feedback on your writing

7.00pm: Dinner

8.30pm: Social Evening with open mic session for participating writers

Sunday July 6th 2015:

9.30am—1.30pm: Workshops

Orfhlaith Ni Chonaill Ted Deppe Annie Deppe Joe Kearney
Orfhlaith Ni Chonaill Ted Deppe Annie Deppe Joe Kearney

Any enquiries re bookings to: 087 2799108 or Email: writersinksligo@gmail.com

New Web Address: www.orfhlaithnichonaill.com

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